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c =2,997924 x108 m/s



h = 6,62606 × 10-34 kg m2 / sec



π = 3,141592...



2π = 6,283185



c2 =8,98755 x1016



μο = 4π × 10-7 H/m



εο=1/36π 109 F/m



μο/εο =zo =μο c



c = 1 / √ μο εο



c2 = 1 / μο εο



Ε = h f = hc / λ



Εo = m c2 = F λ



Fη = k q1 q2 / r2  



c=120π /4π ×10-7  






c / h =fmax  



 c = fmax λmin



 c = amax tmin



c = zo / μ



 fmax=Vmax /λmin



Fmax=Emax /λmin



  λmin = c2 /amax



  amax = c2 / λmin



amax=λmin fmax2



Emax=Fmax λmin



 Emax = fmax h



Henry Farad =sec2



e=1,602176 ×10-19



√2 = 1,4142135



0,452444 x1042



1,35639 x1050 



1,23559 x1020




2,26873 x1023




h / c λmin = Mmax




Vmax = Mmax V / M




h c  / λ = Mpl G / λ





λe / re 2π = c / Vκ





1rad / s ~ 0,1591 Hz












Cosmological theories without phenomenon of life...


 The difficulty for explained the origin of physical laws and for de­scription of creation and main­tenance of the cosmos, this diffi­culty emanates from an invisible chara­cteristic of reality, that what we name "nature", "world" and "Uni­verse" is not a dynamic exte­rior con­nection of many mate­rial things with external ways… The nature is not only material and exte­rior parts. It is simulta­neously mental and internal as whole and things are not regulated only by exterior and casual actions. All things have an internal and same core. The so-called "things" are con­nected perma­nently with a com­mon, total and direct reality (in microscopic dimensions), that we perceive it exter­nally such as an empty space, as absence of rea­lity. But the full Universe is present as whole...

Each thing is connected inseparable with astronomical world in micro­scopic dimensions and not only externally...

No one theory that describes the creation of things with fundamental material elements or by microscopic particles cannot gives a serious, reaso­nable and empirically founded interpretation about the presence of same forces and limits everywhere in the Universe. Fur­thermore, it is more difficult if not impossible to explains the inner phenomenon " life ", that is to say, a pheno­menon of many particles that are interact as synchronized and constitute a whole with internal stimuli.

An of the important discoveries that the cosmological theory -on a Complete and Stabilized Universe within certain limits of a maximum period- brings: the phenomenon " life " is connected with known physical laws and it is not left in dark like a bridgeless phenomenon in a divided (in material and animate) nature. The key­word is: timing (or synchro­nization) between structural elements through which the direct (and without mediation) Universe is relatively indirectly (and externally).

When we fix the spirit and soul with their narrow importance, as an invisible result with certain biological process or with their nar­rowest importance, such as the conscience, then from beginning, we have made the perfect segregation for reality: in inner/­mental and in biological­/material reality. So, with this division in two parallel realities, we stamp the end in the research about the appearance of life through material processes. And if we observe experiential, that the structural elements are exist without this phenomenon that we have fix as soul closely, then the mystery aggrandizes.



















Did they wonder in modern cosmology, how much complete can be a physical explanation of the Universe, such as they dream, when it doesn't offer a minimal knowledge in order to presence of life in Universe is explained? The cosmological theories that have been formulated until now and considered prevailing do not open a path to this direction of nature. Physicists would be supposed understand this theoretical impasse as their scientific problem more than any other scientist, and do not leave this problem unsolvable or for answered from theology. Life and soul begin in microscopic dimensions and not by combination of some coarse material bodies. By no means accidental it's not!

Finally, the paradoxical phenome­na occur to low  speeds, in long time intervals and in weak gravita­tional fields... 














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κοσμολογία, cosmology, in German: Kosmologie, in Italian and Portuguese: cosmologia, in France: cosmologie, in Spanish: cosmología, in Russian: космология, in Chinese: 宇宙论, in Hindi: ब्रह्मांड विज्ञान (), in Turkish: kozmoloji, in Swedish and Norwegian: kosmologi, in Arabic: الكوزمولوجيا علم الكونيات , in Hebrew: קוסמולוגיה

φιλοσοφία, philosophy, in German: Philosophie, in Italian and Portuguese: filosofia, in France: philosophie, in Spanish: filosofía, in Russian: философию, in Chinese: 哲学, in Hindi: दर्शन (tattvadnyaan), in Turkish: felsefe, in Swedish and Norwegian: filosofi, in Arabic: الفلسفة , in Hebrew: פילוסופיה

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G = 6,6725 ×10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2



M=E/c2 = h / f λ2



   M = h f μο εο



V = S / t



  p = M V = E / V



aκ = V2 / r



S = 1/2 a t2



g = G M / r2



F = M a



   a = V2 /λ = λ f2



V =√GM / r



Fg = G M1 M2 / r2



G=c2 / Smax



zo=50G /μο



Mmax=Fmax / amin



c2 / λmin = Gmax



   c2 = amax λmin  



   ω = 2 π f = V/ r



  2π = T Vκ / r 



  f =ω / 2π =V/2π r



λmax=amin Tmax2



 λmax = c2 /amin   



  amin = c / Tmax



   amax = c / Tmin



  c = h / M λ  



  M=m c / √c2- V2



L = M V r



0,73725 ×10-50



cos 90° = 0



c  G = 0,02



4,4929 x1018  



9,10938 ×10-31   




1,67262 ×10-27 




Mpl2 =h c / G




F r2 = M1M2 G




G = Fλ2 / Mpl2





DH / 1Mpc = c / VH





parsec~3,086x1016 m








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